Jason Dean - Bishop

Bishop Profile

Name: James Bishop (middle name unknown).

Date of Birth: May 3rd.

Age Bracket: Late-thirties.

Place of Birth: Staten Island, New York.

Marital Status: Single. Never married.

Physical characteristics: 6 foot, 1 inch. 180-190 pounds. Athletic buid. Dark hair, kept short. Pale blue eyes.

Distinguishing Marks: Pink scar on left shoulder caused by improvised explosive device. 1st joint of last finger on right hand missing.

Living Relatives: Amy (older sister).

Parents: Anthony Michael Bishop (father) and Caroline Marion Bishop (mother). Both died in car crash when Bishop was 10 years of age.

Service Career: Enlisted in United States Marine Corps at 17. Initially assigned to 1st Battalion 3rd Marines, Bravo Company, based out of Hawaii. Subsequently completed two 15-month tours as Marine Corps Security Guard at US Embassies in Haiti and England. Promoted to Sergeant. After returning to US, underwent additional training and spent final three years of service in C Platoon at 2nd FAST (Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team) Company, based out of Yorktown. Awarded Honorable Discharge (DD form 256) upon completion of eight year service contract.

Post-Service Career: Two years after reentering civilian life Bishop joined private security firm, RoyseCorp, as close protection officer. Promoted to team leader soon after. Ignoring standard company policy, Bishop immediately began to assemble his own handpicked protection crew for all future assignments. Currently out of the close protection business and working as freelance contractor to non-profit organisation, Equal Aid.

Notable Abilities: Expert in use of small arms and edged weapons. Eidetic memory.

Favourite music: Miles Davis - 'In A Silent Way.'

Favourite actor: Humphrey Bogart - particularly his roles in 'High Sierra' and 'The Big Sleep'.