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He was a man with many names. Moving from country to country, changing his face so as to remain
in the shadows, he was nothing more than a ghost. For now, he is known simply as Korso.

A covert salvage operative, he recovers lost artefacts, often stolen, for rich benefactors unable to operate through normal channels. But his shadowy existence is shattered upon the arrival at his Bermuda home of the man he had hoped never to see again…

Tasked with recovering a missing, one-of-a-kind shipment in only four days, his elite skill set will be tested to its limits. Failure will result in his identity being revealed to his former boss, the ruthless Nikolic, who'd stop at nothing to eliminate the one man who walked away from his organisation.

Discovery by Nikolic will be a literal death sentence. But then, what is a death sentence to a dead man?

TRACER, the first in a brand new thriller series, on sale at booksellers and from Amazon, Apple & Kobo,

'Tracer, Korso's first outing, is everything you could want in a thriller; fast-pace, suspense, mystery, just the right amount of wickedness, but above all else a protagonist who the reader will want to read more and more of. A real page turner' Rob Sinclair, million copy bestselling author of The Red Cobra

'Meet Korso, a mysterious and unique character you won’t be able to get enough of. In a thriller novel I want tension, pace and ample action, and in Tracer, Jason Dean has delivered by the bucketful' Matt Hilton, author of the Joe Hunter thrillers

‘A relentless round of fast and furious set pieces, out-pacing Reacher for tension and with non-stop violence and intrigue to satisfy any thriller fans’ Adrian Magson, author of The Watchman

‘A thrilling, race-against-time ride ... a great start to what I’m sure will be a hugely successful thriller series’ A. A. Chaudhuri, author of The Scribe

'The most explosive book I've read in ages' D. L. Marshall, author of Anthrax Island

'A superb, fast-paced thriller which literally ticks like a time-bomb' Nick Oldham, author of the Henry Christie series



Nine hundred and seventy three days. Thinking. Planning. Waiting for the perfect moment.

Former Marine James Bishop will only have one opportunity to make his prison break. And one
chance to prove that he isn't responsible for the murders that put him inside.

Three years ago Bishop was the leader of an elite close protection team hired to protect a millionaire and his daughter. After a brutal attack by a well-armed assault team, Bishop regained consciousness to find seven bodies strewn throughout the millionaire's Long Island mansion - including those of his two charges - and a mountain of evidence guaranteed to send him down for murder.

But to find out who set him up and why, Bishop needs to be free. And now the time has come to
make his move.

The Wrong Man is the first novel from Jason Dean featuring series character James Bishop.

"The Wrong Man packs an electrifying punch with enough twists and turns to fill a snakes and ladders board and a tension-charged atmosphere that keeps the midnight oil burning... Jason Dean conjures up a classy thriller here." Lancashire Evening Post

"...explosive first thriller... A terrific thrill-ride!" Peterborough Telegraph

"The Wrong Man is a roller coaster of a ride with a superhero at the helm. Doesn't miss a beat." Thrillers4U

"James Bishop... is a great character launching a really pacy new series - excellent stuff." Bookseller

"A thrilling debut from an author who has the necessary skills to entertain readers for many years to come." CrimeSquad

"...super-charged, super-paced and laden with thrills." The Northern Echo

Available in hardback, paperback, Kindle and audiobook versions, The Wrong Man can be purchased at Amazon, Waterstones, Tesco and iTunes.

Take a look at the official trailer below:



Sometimes a man must take a step back to move forwards...

In a small, sleepy Pennsylvania town, the staff of a loan store find themselves at the mercy of a gunman who demands they hand over the store's entire cash reserves. But when the sound of
police sirens shatters the silence sooner than expected, the robber is forced to take a young female
customer hostage in order to make his escape.

Former Marine James Bishop is no stranger to being on the wrong side of the law. Finally a free man,
he has the chance to get his life back on track. But as he flees the scene of the hold-up with his
terrified hostage, he once again finds himself a wanted man...

Prison can change some people. But has it changed Bishop?

Find out in Backtrack, the exciting follow-up to The Wrong Man. Available in hardback, paperback and Kindle at Amazon and Waterstones.


The Hunter's OathTHE HUNTER'S OATH

She was attacked and left for dead.

Amy Philmore knows something is wrong as she walks home alone through Fort George Hill in
Upper Manhattan. When a car pulls up and three men get out Amy runs, but it's too late to escape.
Now she is in hospital fighting for her life.

But her attackers are about to find themselves in even graver danger. Because Amy's brother is
former Marine James Bishop. And when you target those he loves, he will do anything to save them.

With Amy's life hanging in the balance, Bishop takes matters into his own hands and soon uncovers
a ruthless empire of criminals who will do anything to protect their secrets. Can Bishop find his way
to the heart of the organisation before he is outnumbered?

Or is the predator about to become the prey?

The Hunter's Oath, the third novel to feature series character James Bishop, is available in paperback and Kindle, and can be ordered at Amazon and Waterstones.

'Jason Dean's latest terrific novel is a fast-paced, sharp, revenge thriller with a complex lead in James Bishop. Retribution has rarely felt this good!' Matt Hilton - Author of the Joe Hunter series of crime thrillers.

'Immensely suspenseful and intelligent. Dean ratchets up the tension with a lean muscularity that will appeal to Lee Child fans.' Stav Sharez - Author of 'A Dark Redemption' and 'Eleven Days.'

'Slickly written, cleverly plotted and hugely entertaining...an action-packed thriller.' Chris Ewan - Author of 'Safe House' and 'Dead Line.'.



The Victim... John Strickland, an integral part of a high-profile murder case, is deep in witness protection following a hit in which his wife died. With 7 days to go until he testifies, all he and his son need to do now is survive.

The Protector... US Marshal Angela Delaney is in charge of Strickland's new protection team. Convinced there will be another attempt on his life, and fearing an inside leak, Delaney knows she needs outside help and there's only one person she wants.

The Outsider... James Bishop has worked close protection before and is intimately acquainted with Delaney. He never expected to see her again but when she re-appears, and he meets Strickland and his son, Bishop soon realizes he can't turn his back on them.

But can this outsider make the difference? Or are their lives about to get a whole lot tougher?

Find out in THE OUTSIDER, the fourth James Bishop thriller - on sale at all good bookshops and at Amazon.