Jason Dean

One Good Turn Cover

One Good Turn

She’s already escaped her captors once. Surely twice would be impossible.

Kidnapped and left for dead, Sylvia Caplan knows she’s got one chance to get her life back. Wearing a few stolen clothes and totally exhausted after running all night, she stumbles into a dingy bar, hoping for salvation. But its not long before two menacing figures catch up with her.

Unnoticed, former Marine, James Bishop, witnesses the woman’s struggle and steps in before he knows what he’s done. Now Sylvia is on the run again, but this time she’s not alone. Can Bishop help her stay one step ahead or will he come to regret risking his life for a stranger?

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TheLastQuarter Cover

The Last Quarter

Twenty years ago Eric Stepanovich saved a man’s life. Now it’s time to return the favour.

Struggling for traction in the recession, Stepanovich and his poker buddies hit on the idea of raiding a drug-den and taking a stash of unmarked cash from the drug dealers inside. After all why should the criminals get richer if those who operate within the law can’t? The raid goes to plan but two months later, two of the four men are dead.

Fortunately Stepanovich saved the right man – fellow ex-Marine James Bishop. Used to operating on both sides of the law, Bishop is convinced there’s a link between the money and the deaths, despite a lack of evidence and Stepanovich’s refusal to believe he’s in danger. But will Bishop discover the truth in time to keep his friend alive – or is Stepanovich about to pay the highest price of all?

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TheRightWay Cover

The Right Way

James Bishop isn’t looking for trouble, but trouble has a knack of finding him anyway.

Dropping off a friend at Chicago’s busy Union Station, Bishop spots a woman on the concourse acting suspiciously. She’s clearly in distress, yet when he tries to talk to her she eludes him and vanishes. But he spots her again as she’s boarding a train, and with nothing but gut instinct to go on he decides to follow, and soon finds himself embroiled in a cat and mouse game in which nothing is as it seems.

Why is this woman on the train, and why is she is so paranoid about somebody touching her bag? Does she really need help, or is she involved in something far more sinister? Only Bishop can find the right way to deal with this problem. And he’s prepared to do whatever it takes to fix it.

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TheHardestPart Cover

The Hardest Part

A broken front axle and a three mile walk to civilisation from the wilds of Georgia hadn’t been the way former Marine, James Bishop, had wanted to start his day. Forced to stay overnight in Sagamore, population 1100, while his ride is fixed, Bishop heads into town for some food.

But in Bishop’s world nothing is ever quite as it seems. He’s in Sagamore for a reason, a personal reason. A young man has disappeared and Bishop has vowed to find out what happened to him.

Finding answers is always possible, but Bishop’s about to find out that it’s harder when no wants you asking them…

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